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Paw & Nose Balms

Help protect your pup's paws & noses against the harsh outdoor elements and help soothe and heal paws, noses, wrinkles, cracked, dry areas with our paw & nose salves. These paw salves are loaded with nurishing healthy fats providing moisturizing and conditioning effects for your dogs dry, itchy, bruised or cracked areas. Loaded with antioxidents to protect against aging and packed with antibacterial properties to protect agaist infection and promote fast healing.

Our hemp paw balm acts as an insect repellent to ward off pesky bugs like ticks, mosquitoes and fleas. Help your dog recover from irritated skin conditions like eczema and hot spots. Our hemp paw balm contains lavender and cedarwood oil which are considered excellent aromatherapy to help promote relaxation for your canine companion!