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Online Dog Training Course FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Dog Training Course

A woman applies the knowledge she gained from the Brad Pattison Online Dog Training Course to build her dog's confidence and to build a great bond with her dog

“How long will it take me to complete this course?”

It will take approximately three months to complete.


“Can I take as long as I want to complete the course?”

Yes, access to the course material will not expire and you can take your time if you like.


“Who can benefit from this course?”

Vet techs, dog walkers, dog daycare owners, groomers, and your serious, fun-loving dog owner.


“How many lessons are included?”

The course includes over 100 video lessons broken down into 22 training modules with topics such as patience training, street crossings, building on basics, how dogs learn and more!


“Will this course stop my dog from pulling on the leash?”

Yes, it will. There are numerous video lessons and demonstrations so you will have success.


“What reading material is required?”

My book, Synergy, is required and is included in the course cost.


“What further reading do you recommend?”

My book, The Puppy Book, will be beneficial if you want to expand your knowledge on puppies.


“What do I need to train my dog?”

 A martingale collar and a six-foot leash.


“Is this training positive reinforcement training?”

Yes, it is, but we don’t use food/treats as a bribe. We use touch and physical praise.


“When can I start training my puppy?”

You can start training your puppy the day you get your puppy. Training starts as play. That means the person gets down on their hands and knees and they associate with the puppy on the ground.


“What is the number one behaviour problem?”

Begging. This is why we don’t use dog treats for a reward, because food-related training teaches dogs to jump up, cruise counters, snatch food from hands, steal food, dig in the garbage and worst of all become food aggressive.


“How long does it take to train a dog?”

Building the foundation takes approximately six months. Because dogs continue maturing, training a dog can last a lifetime.


“How is the content delivered?”

You receive a link to the course and passwords to access the units.


“Why would you want a well-behaved dog?”

Having a good dog citizen is more expected in society than ever before. A trained dog is less likely to cause destruction. Trained dogs bark less. A trained dog is more welcome in both public spaces and private businesses. Finding a pet sitter for a well-behaved dog is much easier. The top three common complaints about a dog are pulling on leash, jumping up and urinating in the home. This course is guaranteed to fix all of those issues easily. Training your dog builds trust and a bond, builds mutual respect, and makes life with your dog very special and meaningful.


“Why should I take this course?”

While there are many options out there, you need to find what works for you. This course has no gimmicks, it’s not a fad, and doesn’t promise false results. If you are willing to put in the effort for your dog and follow the instruction precisely and invest the time, you will have success. Any dog training course that promotes overnight results is a flat out lie. Dog training requires dedication, devotion to your pet, consistency and love. We don’t claim we are the best, but we do claim that our methods and techniques work 100%.


"If I have questions, will Brad Pattison answer them?"

Yes, Brad is more than happy to get on a phone call with you.


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