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Testimonials and Reviews

Quick Pain Relief

The cbd oil arrived yesterday and I gave it to my cat, Ted.  Within 30 minutes he was perkier and wanted to eat.  Wow.  I wasn't expecting to see a difference so quickly.  I know it won't cure him of his cancer, but I think he is feeling a lot less pain.  Thank you and Norman so much.  I really appreciate your help with this. Amy


Thank You

Our beloved Koko is sixteen years old. He is part of our family and has travelled with us from coast to coast and across North America. He is a character and now prefers his chair and long naps to car rides. Our goal is to ensure he has the best quality of life. 

We noticed changes in his health - a cough, trembling, tummy upsets, lethargy and apathy. We have been treating him with the Pet tincture for about a month. We are pleased to report that he loves the taste. His mood has improved and we have seen a reduction in his cough. He is more energetic for an old guy and although naps are still his favourite thing he has fewer visible signs of stress and discomfort.

Koko has been our joy and we know he will not live forever. However we are now happier making this investment in ensuring he has the best quality of life and comfort we can provide. Thank you for the pet tincture and Woofs and wags from Mr. K.

What a Difference

I have a 14 year old Husky. He was beginning to experience hip issues and was a bit listless. The vet put him on medication for his hip and said we may have to consider a pain regiment. I started to research alternatives when staff from the pet store told me I should give this product a try. I started him on Pet Tincture and was very happy with the results. He relaxes more at night without the constant fidgeting associated with pain discomfort. He walks daily with me for about 40 minutes. His energy level is much higher and he actually seems happier. While I am under no false pretences that this product fixed him it is making the time he has left with us more memorable. Thanks Brad Pattison.


I love having my girl back

I'm a dog walker, so this girl has been with a pack and with me 24/7 (along with 2 other dogs) for years. She was dragging her paws and just uncomfortable due to an old injury and age, so she often had to stay home from work. She's been on BPW for about a month and a half now and this week has come out on 5 consecutive days worth of walks WITHOUT STRUGGLING. Even just a couple weeks before (on gabapentin) there were more days than not that by the end of a walk she was 'crawling' out of the park or I was carrying her. I love having my girl back ❤️


Calmer Dogs

My 2 dogs (a black lab/rottweiler/chesapeake bay retriever & a choc lab) have only been taking the cbd oil for 1 week and I have been giving it to them before bed. I have noticed they are sleeping deeper with less restlessness and getting up in the night. I am excited to see longterm how it helps with their joints, anxiety, and overall health.


Works Wonders!

My little pomeranian is 11, and though he is healthy, he can get stiff. Since taking his oil every morning he seems more spry and ready for walks! I think it's helping him a lot and he doesn't mind licking it right off the spoon!


Immediate Arthritis Relief!

My dog's arthritis was getting worse as the fall weather was getting colder. Within 5 days, she was moving better than she had in months! I didn't expect such good results but I am glad that I tried this.


Arthritis Relief

I bought the 500 mg cbd oil for my 11 year old boxer. He has arthritis and is quite stiff in his back end. He goes for a monthly shot of cartrophen but is at the max dose for his weight. We have noticed that he is not quite as stiff since giving him the cbd oil.


Loving this stuff!

Our 2 older dogs have been doing so well on this product! Both have different aging, large dog issues with our latest rescue, an 8 year old husky/GS cross that had been abused & neglected the first 7 years of his life, having a much calmer & less pained life since we started him on the CBD. Thank you Brad for your continued love & help for our dogs!!



My 2 senior golden doodles are much more comfortable with the oil........Duke in particular has slowed down but now is back to enjoying his walks with Dell. They are getting older I don’t expect miracles but I do want them comfortable and enjoying their lives as long as we are gifted with them as our members of our family. This is truly amazing.....


If I could give it more stars I would!

My 8yo Shepard Cross has lumbar sacral disease. Since putting her on CBD she has had far fewer “bad days,” and is capable of more exercise with more inclines and declines. She has fewer days where she seems stiff getting up from lying down and where she finds it difficult to poop. She even looks younger! I love this product!

Best CBD out there

All I have to do is say "who want's cbd?" and my boy Murphy comes running. Something he could not do before I started giving it to him. I tell everyone it's the best.


My dog is young again

I have a 10 year old English Bully with severe hip dysplasia who is on anti-inflammatories and opiods for pain. On the suggestion of a friend I purchased some CBD tincture and began administering a daily dose in her food. It's been just over a week and I must admit she is doing great! She gets up quickly. She doesn't limp and she has a spark in her eye again! Can't thank Brad Pattison Wellness enough for the CBD. It is working for Ruby!~


Amazing miracle

My older Mastiff has had knee problems and my corgi has seen some issues with his back. These products have done amazing wonders and few so blessed to have someone like Brad to put this out there to help our best friends!!! Thank you Brad for giving our friends a voice and looking out for the best healthy version of themselves!!!


Reduces Anxiety Insomnia

Works well to reduce anxiety insomnia in my 10 yr old Bernese mountain dog, she appears to be much more settled. Thank you


Amazing product

We are treating knee pain and it’s working amazing to relieve pain and helping to keep my dog calm as she’s very active and needs rest right now


Awesomeness!! (Separation Anxiety)

My 6 yr old Cyrus has had separation anxiety fm me since I got him @ 8 weeks. He's whined & whines when I leave him and he can't see me. It lasts for only 4-5 minutes in my place. I hate it. I tried the training of tying him to a pole & walk away fm him. Was able to walk away from him as long as he could see me. Down the block! When he becomes anxious is when he can't see me. Brad Pattison Pet Wellness CBD oil has COMPLETELY stopped the separation anxiety. This little bottle is pure happiness to me. The literature on CBD oil totes a cure to all kinds of ailments. I personally have seen dogs w arthritis, back problems, anxiety issues all helped with CBD oil!! A lady (wants anonymity) told me her dog seizures have diminished after only a week on CBD oil. If you have a dog with ailments go to Brad Pattison fb page to get the best CBD oil. You can also use this oil to help cats & horses. The small price you pay for the best treatment is well worth it.


A major improvement

We have had our dog for 6 years and he has ALWAYS been extremely anxious and fearful of other people and dogs. Since starting him on this CBD tincture he has been coming with us around new people and has been spending time around 3 other dogs. There is a HUGE improvement in his anxiety levels and just overall demeanor.


Given me back my puppy

I have to tell you how thrilled we are with this product. Our 12 year old PWD stopped getting into my little civic on her own a few months ago. She use to stop half way up the stairs and give "that" look begging us to carry her the rest of the way. I think it was at least 3 years since I saw her run. Well... things have changed. Scarlett jumps into my car with no trouble. She runs up the stairs. When we open the back door, she runs along with her little brother (not as fast, nor as far) outside and actually plays! This product has literally given me back my "puppy".


Great product! Great results!

This product has made a huge difference in the life of Tucker who is 12 and had major back surgery 5 years ago. I have bought CBD oil from dispensaries for pets, but the concentration in this product is higher and so requires less and has given better results.


Great taste and product

I was giving my dog a different brand and tasted it myself a few times. Since switching over to Brad's product my dog is doing lots better and I find the taste so much more fresh. Great product.


Cool, Calm and Confident (Anxiety Relief)

Today, I was reminded how important it is to give dogs a chance to show you what they've learnt. A dog that usually cannot be near dogs with out a fight breaking out, walked with a total group of seven dogs today! She was calm, cool, confident and completely comfortable in the pack. She's currently on Brad Pattison brand of CBD oil to help with her anxiety and wow, the difference in her demenor is night and day. The proof is in the pups folks. The uses for CBD oil seem to be never ending in ways that it can help your dog. Seeing is believing, and within a few days we at Complete K9 Inc. have seen a tremendous change in the dogs that have started using it. Moral of the post: ALWAYS give your dog's a chance to show you what they can do and what they have learnt. Do not limit your dog because you are afraid, let them grow and learn! AND CBD oil is amazing :)


Anxiety Relief

I just want to thank you. My teddy boy had become much more calm since stating one the cbd oil. He was a bit of a spazzy dog. Very anxious. He was a rescue dog that i rescued at 6 months old; he had already had 8 homes. Ive had him now for 10+ years but he was still very uneasy being left alone. He hated being brushed or clipped. Now he lays there. Sits quietly in the car instead of whining and jumping all over. I've started sharing some of his good mood juice too.... my anxiety has reduced immensely too. Loving this stuff so far.


Great product (degenerative disc disorder)

Our 12 year old shi tzu has a degenerative disc disorder. This.medication makes him feel like a puppy again. He is more active and playful than without it! I think even he knows its value as he will wait for it and bark until I give it to him. We will definatley continue using this product for him!


Sadie has a swag again!!

It was great to to hear about this product from Brad!
This product has changed my 15 year old Jack Russell named Sadie function of life. She was becoming so laid up. For her to go outside to the bathroom was becoming a task. Now she jumps up on the couch again and we are enjoying our long fall walks! Thank you Brad for suggesting this product to me for my girl.


I am shocked

My dog Blaze was in critical condition with septic arthritis. That was over 5 months ago, and ever since then he hasn't been able to walk properly on his back leg, he would hop with his leg in the air or he was limp really badly and swig his leg around because he couldn't properly walk. Blaze has been on this oil for 2 weeks and he hasn't hopped with his leg in the air not once! And his limp has gotten so much better. It's also helped with his anxiety. I was so nervous to try this, but I'm so happy I did. My pup fought so hard for his life and this product is helping him live his best life.


16 years and still hopping

I have been giving my Miniature Poodle CBD oil for over a year. He is 16 going on 17 and still can hop up and down the stairs. CBD was also very helpful for my Shih Tzu who had severe anxiety during thunder storms. I gave him 3 drops and he calmed right down within 5 minutes. That was a stunning turn around for a dog that would scratch the door until his paws were bleeding. I talk about this with pet owners every chance I get, especially for those with dogs showing signs of slowing down due to arthritis. I'm very happy to have found Brad Pattison's CBD on line.


Awesome! (Pain management)

Charlie was on prescription pain management for over six months with no improvement whatsoever; after just a week of taking the CBD Hemp oil he is running around and playing again!


Peppy and enjoying walks again

Our 13 year old blue healer had slowed right down to the point where I had to start turning back home from our walks half way through. This product was recommended and after 4-5 days he was back to being peppy and enjoying our walks and chasing the ball again. Thank you.


Anxious and sometimes attacking cat

I purchased the pet tincture in hopes that it would calm down my anxious and sometimes attacking cat. I have noticed a big difference in his behavior. Loud bumps no longer startle him and he is very docile when he would usually sneak around the house. He still has this behavior from time to time and I am trying other behavior techniques with him. I will always have the tincture on my shelf!


Bengal relief

I have been giving the cbd oil to my Bengal cat for around 6 months now. It really seems to help relieve some of his anxiety and helps us sleep at night.


Great service

I use the oil for my Great Dane who has severe anxiety and this has helped him a lot. I'm very pleased.
Great product.
Great service.
Prompt delivery.
Very happy with you guys!


Quality of Life

The CBD allowed our old, seriously ill dog to rest at night in her final weeks - left her with a little more energy and enthusiasm to enjoy her days


CBD for Dog Anxiety

My 6 year old dog has been suffering from anxiety since a large life change last year. I put her on CBD oil about 2ml a day and she has been doing much better. I think it has also helped with some inflammation in her joints also.


Anxiety, Discoid Lupus and Spinal issues

Always a pleasure doing business with you guys, you help my Shepherd so much with her anxiety and my other Shepherd with her Lupus. With Discoid Lupus it is all about keeping stress low and inflammation down and as CBD oil helps with both, this is why when Ivy has a flare up I increase your oil and it helps to get the flare up down.  With Discoid Lupus, the body thinks its own tissue is a foreign body and attacks it and you will see this mainly in the nose, it will get really dry and bloody.   A Cannabis oil directly on the nose can help as well.  Thanks so much for your quality product.  :)  My brother gets a bottle with my orders as well for his high energy Jack Russell who was just diagnosed with spinal issues, once he started your oil he can jump up on the bed again. <3 


Separation Anxiety and Arthritis

Have used it twice when I was dog sitting my neighbours 9 years ago 1/2 coyote mix. She has severe separation anxiety and arthritis. I had the owner give her dog the CBD. It was a incredibly transformation. She was calm. Slept. Walked. Like a peaceful pet. We both enjoyed my dog sitting. No whining, panting or destruction. A great transformation. Such a wonderful opportunity to share my experiences with this simple oil. Thanks!